How OPTIMO Solutions maximize profits for racing venues

Why racing venues need a solid event management solution?

The events industry is highly competitive and the best players keep themselves up to date with current trends and fine-tune their strategies to stay ahead of the race.

There is the need to identify competitors, recognise their strengths and weaknesses, capitalise on potential opportunities and improve product relevancy.

  1. Managing the event calendar,
  2. maximising occupancy rates,
  3. selling tickets for sporting events,
  4. attracting customers to fill rooms,
  5. spaces and maximising the utilisation of resources are the most basic challenges that companies face.  But this problem is just a tip of the iceberg.

Event holders are also faced with problems of

  1. finding fans with niche interests,
  2. identifying the geographic limit and travel time,
  3. managing conflicting pre-sales,
  4. upselling,
  5. parking, 
  6. compliance with payment gateways and
  7. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), among many others.

Fortunately, there is a software company that has developed a complete customer relationship management solution for event holders, that understands the intricacies and complexities of event and customer management.

OPTIMO Solutions for Racing Events

OPTIMO’s CRM, event and ticketing solutions can be configured in a number of ways from their comprehensive range of components products, which, in turn, allows the integration and consolidation of business processes for different revenue streams and venue locations for centralised management, that can rationalise and optimise procedures for better efficiency and profitability.

Ticket Selling.

Whether it be horse racing, motor racing or karting events, racing events essentially generate their primary revenues from ticket sales.   As the ideal CRM for racing venues, OPTIMO software included all ticketing channels (web, call centre, corporate, box office ticketing and promotional vouchers) to cater to the preferred method for clients to buy tickets.  More importantly, these channels are designed to reach racing fans from different demographics and geographic distribution.  OPTIMO handles public and corporate ticketing, sports membership ticketing, private suites and upsells. With this solution, OPTIMO helps event organisers to reach their target markets and fill their events by providing the full range of channels for marketing, selling and ticket distribution.

Moreover, the ticketing channels provided including a third party integration framework, further helping the event organiser to centrally manage potential conflicts and concerns that may arise with respect to ticket selling, which included event re-scheduling, walk up sales, multiple day ticket combinations, season tickets, inventory control, upselling, parking, camping, accommodation and travel amongst others.

As a CRM software for events, OPTIMO is equipped with the OPTIMO Box Office, which is used to sell walk up and on-day ticket sales, access control, monitor, manage and minimise fraudulent tickets, manage overseas fan ticket distribution and collection, control touts and pay-line abuse. The system integration facilitated by OPTIMO helps eliminate errors caused by duplications from stand-alone systems, thereby ensuring better customer experience.

Facility, Room & Resource Hire. 

Another major source of revenues for racing venues is the utilisation of their facilities, rooms and resources for other occasions, such as wedding, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, merchandising or tours. The OPTIMO Facility, Room & Resource Hire software manages the venue calendar, checks availability, manages and schedules the leasing of facilities to ensure no conflicts and manages schedules to optimises revenues. For event management, it has the Hospitality & Catering Management and Conference & Banqueting modules.

System Integration.

OPTIMO allows the integration of systems like finance and EPOS as well as the connection of all ticketing and event products into a single database platform to allow unified real-time operation. System integration automates the operations and minimises errors resulting in more efficiency. Integration of systems and the resultant efficiency provide cost and time-saving benefits that ultimately translate to higher profits for your business.

Over all, the OPTIMO Event Management Software helps event organisations and venues manage relationships and interactions with customers to improve service, enhance relationships, increase customer retention, provide better experiences and propel sales growth.

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