The Best Event CRM Software

The OPTIMO Event Solution offers the choice of utilising OPTIMO CRM Dynamics 365 – an integrated Microsoft Dynamics service powered by Cloud9 or the capability to integrate with another CRM solution of your choice such as Sales Force, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle or SAP.

Marketing tools such as Mail Chimp and Amazon can be driven directly from the OPTIMO DATABANK without the use of a CRM solution; particularly relevant to businesses with low volume event requirements.

OPTIMO DATABANK is an inherent feature within the OPTIMO Event Solution that is an essential component which ensures that rich data is available in real time to power the CRM function. OPTIMO DATABANK is particularly powerful because of OPTIMO’s unique product architecture and multiple Data Points that can be accessed to retrieve high quality data throughout the customer journey.

OPTIMO CRM Dynamics 365 powered by Cloud9

OPTIMO DATABANK is a PCI & GDPR compliant resource collecting and storing rich data for use with OPTIMO CRM Dynamics 365 – Powered by Cloud9.

Cloud9 provides the expertise and service support to businesses with the planning, implementation and adoption of the OPTIMO Dynamics 365 Solution. Their expertise goes beyond CRM and also supports clients with best practice advice on sales, service and marketing processes.

Cloud9 is a strategic and Gold Certified Microsoft Cloud Partner


Supercharging CRM to optimise the effectiveness of strategic marketing campaigns 

OPTIMO DATABANK is a PCI & GDPR compliant resource that collects, collates, stores and distributes rich data in relation to the ‘customers journey’ to either CRM solutions or directly to 3rd party marketing tools. DATABANK sits within OPTIMO’s powerful three tier open architecture platform and not only enriches data by connecting departments, but also uses its unique product architecture and data structures to optimize the provision of operations data.

OPTIMO DATABANK is an inherent feature within the OPTIMO Ticketing Solution and ensures that high quality, rich data is available to drive the CRM function in real-time via multiple Data Points.

OPTIMO DATABANK can either supercharge the OPTIMO CRM Dynamics 365 service – Powered by Cloud9, or be integrated with a CRM solution of your choice (Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics etc.) or directly through multiple Data Points can provide customer data to marketing solutions like Mail Chimp, Amazon etc.

OPTIMO DATABANK gives you control with inbuilt business intelligence, real time reports, configurable dashboards.