Revenue generators
Premium ticket & hospitality packages, annual & private suites, car parking, extras and upsell.
Corporate sales tools
Sales tools with browser interface to maximise sales including inventory control, discounts, promotions, upselling and 3rd party resale management of bulk packages. Event & facility calendar, multiple search options - by event, date, category, price, helpful information, interactive seating charts, self seat selection with timed lockout, sell through room and table layout, availability indicators.
Operations tools  
Automated processes, connecting and supporting departments with package designer, dietary requirements & special requests, host management, facility layouts, table plans, resource management, function sheets, facility & resource diary, task management, event day management tools and access control
Fulfilment tools
Automatic email confirmation & document generation, integration with Microsoft Word and email services. Auditable customer records. Range of dispatch options including paper, email and mobile

Finance tools
Automated, invoice generation with configurable policies, sales ledger and credit control

Reports & dashboards
Multiple standard reports, business intelligence, data views, slice and dice, custom reports and customisable dashboards

3rd party integration framework
Enables real time connection with 3rd party systems like finance, EPOS etc. and plug-ins

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